10 Things You Should Know About FBA Pallets Requirement

  1. The stretch-wrap must completely hold the product to the pallet to prevent shifting during transit. Wrapped pallets must have shipping labels placed on all four sides and on the outside of the stretch-wrap. All pallets must be stretch-wrapped in clear plastic with a “do not break stretchwrap” or “do not break down” to alert the carrier.


  1. Broken or damaged pallets are not acceptable and may be rejected at the seller’s expense.


  1. A pallet height must not exceed 1.5 meters (including the height of the cartons).


  1. Use plastic pallets (polypropylene material is recommended). Wooden pallets are not acceptable.


  1. Pallets can be returned if you use the pallet rental service of the USAPallet Rental Corporation.


  1. Amazon FBA fulfillment centers basically do not accept exchange or return of pallets.


  1. Total weight of a pallet must not exceed 1000 kg (load capacity).


  1. All four sides of a pallet must not exceed 110 cm each. (Exception: Pallets to deliver beer).


  1. Merchandise must not overhang the pallet edge. Use corner boards to help protect and maintain the stability of boxes in transit.


  1. Please note that you may be requested to unload upon arrival at Amazon fulfillment centers.

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