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Differences Between Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker

Freight Forwarders are the ones who manage the long haul, moving product internationally from one country to another. They are your agents who will make sure that you play within the byzantine laws of internationally shipping, who are your go-between/middle men between the shipping companies and the importer/exporter. Your freight forwarder will make logistical arrangements with […]

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Which incoterm is suitable for FBA?

In order to ship to an Amazon fulfillment center, you must accept terms that will not result in any billing to Amazon. What this means is you must pay for all services including delivery. To do this your supplier will suggest that you must accept the DDP (Delivered Duties Paid) terms of sale (incoterms). The […]

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FBA Inspection Service

FBA Inspection Service Careful product testing inspection of your items! We’ll test every one of your products to make sure they are in good condition prior to reaching Amazon. Click the button below for more information.  

FBA Labeling Service

FBA Label Service For eligible products that require an Amazon barcode, Fulfillment by Amazon can apply those barcodes for you for a per-item fee. Let us save you some money! Each Unit you send to Amazon for fulfillment needs a unique scannable bar code to enable storage at a fulfillment center. If you have barcode […]

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Free FBA fee calculator

If you need to calculate FBA fees for a lot of Amazon products that a supplier sends you, you can then check out the FBA fee calculator. You can use this calculator to determine which products will sell profitably. Since businesses are unique with many different types of items, Amazon also offers a FBA Revenue Calculator that calculates the […]

FBA Revenue Calculator

Since businesses are unique with many different types of items, Amazon offers a FBA Revenue Calculator that calculates the cost and possible revenue from using FBA. This tool is great if you only have a few products to compare that you already sell on Amazon. What if you need to calculate FBA fees for a lot of Amazon […]

Fba Fee Example

How much FBA fees should you pay?

FBA’s competitive fees and shipping capabilities can help you cut costs, while providing valuable benefits such as free shipping, increased exposure for your products, and premier customer service. But how much exactly should you pay? Let’s go through this post to find out. Product Example