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Amazon Fulfillment Center Lebanon in TN

Amazon FBA fulfillment center in Lebanon is hiring more than 2,000 seasonal workers.   The Tennessean in Nashville says the Lebanon mayor’s office announced the openings, which pay up to $14.50 per hour with a $250 sign-on bonus.   Nationwide, Amazon plans to hire more than 100,000 people. The company said after last year’s holiday season, […]

Amazon Fulfillment Center Lebanon TN

fba packaging

Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements

Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements   Amazon will not confirm any shipping details to us (or anyone else); therefore, it’s important to provide accurate shipping details to avoid delay or re-routing.  That said, if you have any questions, we’re here to help and to walk you through it! Delivery items to Amazon FBA warehouse have two […]

Amazon Fulfillment Center Houston Open This Summer

Amazon announced that it began the process of hiring 2,500 full-time employees for its new Amazon FBA fulfillment center in Houston, expected to open this summer. This marks the seventh facility the company will house in Texas.   The Houston fulfillment center will also include hundreds of robotics technology units designed to quickly retrieve inventory for their […]

Amazon Fulfillment Center Houston

FBA Label Requirements

FBA Shipment Label Requirements

In order to ensure your products arrive safely and quickly to an Amazon fulfillment center,You need to following these important requirements for shipping labels and packaging your FBA inventory. Once you decide what you’re shipping to Amazon and determine the appropriate shipping method and carrier to use, it’s time for labeling and packaging. Download the manual, Packaging and Shipping Inventory to […]

How to Sell on Amazon in 4 Steps

Amazon is a great marketplace for people. The most popular items that people sell is electronics, gadgets and books. However, you are not limited to only selling those types of items.   You can find a great wealth of products listed for sale on this major website. Toys, apparel, medicines, and beauty aids are just […]

How to Sell on Amazon in 4 steps


How does FBA Work in Europe and UK

Just like in the US, Amazon offers their FBA program in Europe and the UK.  That means you can ship your inventory to an Amazon FBA warehouse in Europe and they will handle order fulfillment for local customers. This means that you can access millions more Amazon customers, and continue to leverage the operational simplicity of the […]

What FBA Shipping Values?

When internet sales were just beginning, consumers began looking online for values and product choices.  With shipping costs still at reasonable level, the decision to purchase online became a popular one. Order at your convenience from a new wealth of product choices, and have your new item quickly show up at your door.   However, […]

FBA shipping

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How Amazon Benefits from Prime Day

How Amazon Benefits from Prime Day Over the past three years, Amazon turned the seemingly boring July into another crazed shopping event. See how the marketplace benefits from Prime Day and take notes for yourself: Increase Sales Summertime is often a slower sales period for most retailers compared to the holiday season. However, Amazon turned […]

How to Delete Customer Feedback on Amazon

As a general rule, Amazon does not remove buyer feedback even if it is unwarranted or the issue has been resolved. But Amazon will remove feedback only in the following cases:   The feedback includes words commonly understood to be obscene or profane. The feedback includes seller-specific, personally identifiable information, including e-mail addresses, full names, or […]

how to delete customer feedback on amazon

HOW TO Change a listing to Fulfilled by Amazon

How to Change a listing to Fulfilled by Amazon

After you creating a new listing for a product, you can specify it as FBA inventory by changing the Fulfilled by value from Merchant to Amazon. Change a listing to Fulfilled by Amazon To change a listing to Fulfilled by Amazon: On the Manage Inventory page, select the items that you want to change to FBA. On […]