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By cargo properties, they can be divided into

1. General cargo

Such as electronics, Jewelry, pharmaceuticals, wristwatches are high value. The electronics industry accounts for around 40% of the value of the entire international air cargo industry.

They need to be transported in a very good condition. The air shipping cost more than sea shipping, but means nothing compared to the value amount of products.

2. Special cargo

Including living animals, goods that are dangerous or need temperature control (which need special type of shipping containers). For example, some chemicals are dangerous goods, and seafood that requires refrigeration and freezing during the whole-course cold chain transportation.

Perishable or hazardous goods are subject to different regulations, compared to general cargo. They have to pass through various inspections and need to meet numerous requirements, and not every airline can accept these items.

Make sure that you advise in detail about special goods you want to ship. Because leaving out any detail might lead to penalties/extra fees and denial of shipment.

3. One exception

Sometimes you choose delivery by air no matter what the cargo type is. The manufacturing process delayed, or a market opportunity right now, or you are pushed by your customers, makes you have to choose air shipping.

You can plan ahead to avoid most cases, but there are always circumstances out of control.

4. Prohibited Items

There are additional restrictions on air cargo for items that may endanger the aircraft or passengers’ health or safety, or cause property damage, the main categories being:

  1. Explosives: fireworks and firecrackers, detonating fuses, etc.;
  2. Gases: such as compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguisher, gas cartridge, inflated ball, respirator, explosive automotive airbag, aerosol, gas lighter, gas cylinder, and lamp bulb etc.;
  3. Flammable liquid: e.g. paint, gasoline, alcohol, engine oil, camphor oil, engine starting fluid, turpentine, thinner, mucilage, perfume, insect sprays, air freshener etc.
  4. Flammable solid, pyrophoric substances, and substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water: e.g. activated carbon, titanium powder, copra, castor products, rubber debris, safety matches, dry white phosphorus , dry yellow phosphorus, magnesium powder, and solid gum, etc.
  5. Toxic and infectious items: pesticides, lithium batteries
  6. Corrosive items: e.g. batteries, alkaline battery electrolyte
  7. Magnetic substances without degaussing packaging, magnetic steel and other strong magnetic products: e.g. currency detectors, speakers, magnets
  8. Items dangerous to public health: e.g. corpses & bones (inc. incinerated), untanned hides, animal bones not processed with chemicals
  9. Oxidizers, organic peroxides, radioactive materials & corrosive items: e.g. chemical medicines, lab chemicals (potassium permanganate, sulphuric acid)
  10. Powder, liquids, pastes, and other items with danger signs on their packaging
  11. Biochemical products and infectious materials of all kinds: e.g. bacillus anthracis, dangerous pathogens, medical wastes

Other restrictions will apply due to national laws and regulations of specific airlines.

Please note that most of the airlines are saying NO to the following names or descriptions of the commodity: Lithium Battery Toys, Scooter, Hoverboard, Power Supply, Power Bank, Air Bag, Electric Board, Electronic Board.