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Most of the common reasons for delayed or missing products can be prevented by the sender. Here are five of the most important things to check that will help your product arrive safely and quickly:

  1. Accurate Address

Incomplete or confusing addresses are the second biggest cause for delayed parcels (after adverse weather). For a smooth delivery, double-check exactly where your parcel needs to go and make sure that it’s formatted correctly. The most important bit is usually the post code, so make this as clear as possible on your parcel.

  1. Clear Labelling

An accurate address is no good if it’s unreadable! Write in large, block letters using a pen that won’t smudge easily (covering it with clear tape can help). If you’re worried about your handwriting then printing the address onto a label is a good idea.

  1. Secure Packaging

Reinforced envelopes and corrugated cardboard will protect your goods, as will internal padding (like bubble wrap, packing popcorn or polystyrene blocks). Secure openings and loose edges with strong tape, and your parcel should arrive intact.

  1. Detailed Customs Description

Vague customs forms will force officials to investigate your package’s contents, delaying its delivery. For example, rather than writing “gift basket”, include individual items such as “photographs”, “fridge magnet”, and “sweets”. This includes properly valuing the contents of your parcel, as taxes or duties must be paid for certain items (which will be charged to your address if you avoid them).

  1. Avoid Banned Items

Check the official customs website for your parcel’s destination country AND the guidelines provided by your courier. It can be surprising what items are prohibited or restricted – like nail varnish, perfume, jewelry and Christmas crackers – and including these in your care package could result in it being delayed or destroyed.

Finally, remember to keep any postage receipts and tracking references. This will make it easier to follow the delivery process, and find the parcel in the event of any delays. Following these steps will take the stress out of transfer your goods around the world, FORESTSHIPPING will act as your private shipping aids to help you delivery your products safely across home and abroad.