Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements

Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements


Amazon will not confirm any shipping details to us (or anyone else); therefore, it’s important to provide accurate shipping details to avoid delay or re-routing.  That said, if you have any questions, we’re here to help and to walk you through it!

Delivery items to Amazon FBA warehouse have two ways: 1. one is LCL sea freight or FCL shipping container. 2. The other is small packages. Amazon FBA packaging requirements you need to learn more about before ship out or will be have problem when arrive Amazon FBA


FCL/LCL shipping to Amazon FBA packaging requirements:


  • Pallets size must standard 102*122 CM, 4 ways pallets.
  • Doesn’t allow use damaged pallets.
  • The same pallets cargo must use the same shipment ID’s cargo.
  • One pallet total weight 689 KG
  • the pallets total height less than or equals 182 CM;Double deck pallet (with tray height) can’t longer than 254 CM, and need to support forklift move it. One carton the height allow more than 182.88 CM, but lower 15.5 CM the top of car. After hit the tray don’t let cargo over the pallets 2.5 CM.
  • sold as set, the total weight more than 45 KG, suggestion use alone pallet; only one carton the weight over 45 KG, it must use in one pallet
  • if the package more than 40*48 inch pallet, and can use the suitable pallet for this cargo.
  • outside the pallets need use transparent film, different SKU in one pallet, need kept separate.
  • every pallet must need use 4 labels; address labels put around the pallet center (outside the transparent film)
  • Address labels including:shipment ID, Amazon FBA warehouse address, Departure place. Factory can’t print out from their seller account.


Amazon FBA packaging requirements for shipping small packages to FBA:


carton size inquiry:small package, each carton any size can’t over 63CM

weight inquiry: each packages don’t over 22 KG. or the produce over 22 KG.

The produce Single over 22 KG less than 44 KG. put on the “Team Lift” label outside the box. prompt this boxes life by many people.

Single produce over 44 KG, put on the “Mech Lift” outside the box. prompt this box lift by machine.

Jewelry and watches products maximum weight is 18 KG.

Small packages label inquiry:


only one produce it must have “sku”, it is from factory’s “seller account” print out. This label can’ t allow copy, repeat use or modify:
alone box must have SKU, factory can print out in their seller account. This label can’t copy, repeat use or modify;
Outside the boxes inquiry two labels: shipment ID label and carrier shipping label. beside shipment ID labels, transit label also.
two labels just put on the top or the side easy can be watched. note whichever labels can’t put on the box seal. in order to avoid Amazon open the box damage the label, cause can’t checking.


Don’t use pallets shipping way:

Shipping full container to Amazon FBA warehouse, Amazon accept flooring load, but note below tips.

doesn’t use pallets it is not the better way, some Amazon warehouse won’t accept .

it take longer time for loading and unloading in Amazon warehouse. and cause seller inventory data delay

There will have a lot of adding charges

All boxes must be labeled with the following information:
PO#: The Amazon Inbond Shipment ID
Attn: Fulfillment by Amazon
From: Your Company Name
Carton#: # of total#


Shipments that do not meet these requirements may be refused by Amazon Fulfillment Centers, returned to the seller at the seller’s expense, or assessed fees for non-compliance.  Rejections are solely at the discretion of Amazon.


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