Arrange Direct Shipment to Amazon from Suppliers in China

Amazon can receive inventory that originates in other countries. Sellers with shipments that originate in China or other countries will need to arrange the import and customs clearance of the shipment and then arrange for the delivery to amazon warehouse facility. If you are arranging delivery using full containers, trucks or LTL deliveries, review the FBA Merchant Manual section 5.6.2 Shipping and Routing Requirements for instructions on arranging a dock delivery appointment at amazon seller centre.

Note: The following conditions apply when sending inventory from other countries to Amazon:

  1. Amazon will not serve as the importer of record or ultimate consignee on any of your imported freight.
  2. Amazon will not be responsible for any duties, taxes or other charges associated with the importation of your freight.
  3. Amazon will not provide POA or tax ID numbers to you.
  4. Amazon will not provide brokerage or freight forwarding services.
  5. You are responsible for compliance and filing with all applicable other government agencies at the time of importation (such as FDA, TSCA, FWS).
  6. You must provide prepaid delivery to Amazon FBA.



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