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How Amazon Benefits from Prime Day

How Amazon Benefits from Prime Day Over the past three years, Amazon turned the seemingly boring July into another crazed shopping event. See how the marketplace benefits from Prime Day and take notes for yourself: Increase Sales Summertime is often a slower sales period for most retailers compared to the holiday season. However, Amazon turned […]

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how to delete customer feedback on amazon

How to Delete Customer Feedback on Amazon

As a general rule, Amazon does not remove buyer feedback even if it is unwarranted or the issue has been resolved. But Amazon will remove feedback only in the following cases:   The feedback includes words commonly understood to be obscene or profane. The feedback includes seller-specific, personally identifiable information, including e-mail addresses, full names, or […]

How to Change a listing to Fulfilled by Amazon

After you creating a new listing for a product, you can specify it as FBA inventory by changing the Fulfilled by value from Merchant to Amazon. Change a listing to Fulfilled by Amazon To change a listing to Fulfilled by Amazon: On the Manage Inventory page, select the items that you want to change to FBA. On […]

HOW TO Change a listing to Fulfilled by Amazon


What is Amazon Point

What is Amazon Point   Amazon Points is a payment method for eligible items on the website. Amazon buyers earn Points by purchasing items with Point offerings, and then they can redeem the Points they earn on other eligible items.   Professional Sellers have the option to offer Amazon Points on any of their […]

How to Get Refund on Amazon

How to Get Refund on Amazon   Customers may want to get a refund when they don’t like the products that were fulfilled by Amazon FBA. In that cases you may wish to give an Amazon customer a refund, even though Amazon is handling the customer service and returns on your behalf. To manually refund […]

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How to ship to FBA?

How to ship to FBA You can ship your goods to FBA center from your warehouse in the U.S. or directly from your supplier overseas. If you have your goods on-hand, you can ship it to FBA with any carrier as long as you can provide Amazon with tracking numbers. you would like to ship your goods directly to […]

How to Get Feedback on Amazon?

When customers bought your items on Amazon, and it was fulfilled by Amazon FBA completely, sellers can solicit feedback in the following ways:   Using the Contact Buyer link in Manage Orders. Select “Feedback Request” for the subject. Messaging on your packing slip. For example: Thank you for purchasing our products on Amazon. We strive to […]

How to Get Feedback on Amazon?

How to Manage Customer Feedback for Amazon Listing

How to Manage Customer Feedback for Amazon Listing

In this article you will learn how to view customer feedback and how customer feedback is managed for FBA orders.   Buyers can leave feedback for sellers on orders that are fulfilled by Amazon FBA just as they do for merchant-fulfilled orders. The Feedback Manager on the Performance tab lets you track buyer satisfaction with your service. You […]

5 Things Make Sure Your Products Arrive Safely

Most of the common reasons for delayed or missing products can be prevented by the sender. Here are five of the most important things to check that will help your product arrive safely and quickly: Accurate Address Incomplete or confusing addresses are the second biggest cause for delayed parcels (after adverse weather). For a smooth delivery, double-check exactly […]

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return product to fba

What Happens to Customer Return Products in FBA?

If the product was sold through the Amazon FBA, and Amazon determines the returned product is still sellable in the same condition as previously listed, Amazon will automatically place the product back into your inventory and designated “Fulfillable.” FBA credits your account for all or part of the Referral Fee and, where applicable, the Variable Closing Fee you paid to […]