How to Drive More Clicks to Your Amazon Listing

get more clicks

  1. Sell with FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon)

Over half of Amazon shoppers are Prime shoppers. And what do prime shoppers look for? You got it: the Prime logo. They want fast, free shipping. If you’re selling FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) and are not eligible for Amazon Prime, you’re potentially missing out on half of the people shopping on Amazon. Those shoppers don’t want to wait around for 5-7 days on top of the shipping charge they’ll pay.


  1. Find Your Most Profitable Price Point

Price is a major factor for driving clicks to your listing. Changing your price will impact your click through rate, which in turn will increase or decrease overall sales.


If your product is priced at $29.99, while every other product on page one is around the $19.99 mark, it’s likely that you won’t drive tons of clicks relative to competitors. It goes the other way too; a product at $10.99 on the same search result page may come across as too cheap (not to mention you might be an add-on item or start a price war with competitors).


You want to keep a competitive price on your product, but you want a price that is going to make people click and ultimately purchase. Often, click and conversion rates can vary greatly between ending the price in $.95 and $.99, or between $19.99 and $20.99. You want to find that sweet spot – the optimal price that is driving clicks and sales.

  1. Use a Stellar Hero Image

Product photography plays a major role in helping a shopper determine pretty quickly whether or not they want to buy your product. Your hero image, or the main image that shows up for your product in search results, is the most important image in your photo set. A buyer will largely determine whether or not he wants to learn more about your product from this image.


  1. Increase Your Reviews

Since Amazon banned incentivized reviews back in late 2016, reviews are difficult to gather. And with the new option for shoppers to opt out of Seller Feedback, the pool of potential reviewers is shrinking. However, reviews are more important than ever for competing with top sellers.


  1. Earn a Badge

Having a Best Seller Badge serves as a sort of social proof, similar to reviews. When shopping on Amazon, people are looking for high-quality, low-price items. The best seller badge helps immediately show that this product is trusted by many shoppers, which communicates quality. It also appeals to our “follow the herd” mentality. “This must be good if everyone else is buying it.”


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