Which incoterm is suitable for FBA?

In order to ship to an Amazon fulfillment center, you must accept terms that will not result in any billing to Amazon. What this means is you must pay for all services including delivery. To do this your supplier will suggest that you must accept the DDP (Delivered Duties Paid) terms of sale (incoterms). The supplier will charge you more for those terms. As the owner of the goods you must arrange all freight, payment of duties and customs clearance. When you use Fleet we recommend that you use ExW (Ex-Works) or FOB (Free on Board) incoterms. This means you are taking responsibility for paying the transportation and allows you to find the best price and service. With Fleet payment we enable shipping using a third party payment to the freight forwarder. Amazon gets no bills and you get the shipping savings.

Amazon will not act as an Importer of Record for any shipper, meaning that you are also responsible for staying in compliance with international law and US law when shipping. You are responsible for any costs and risks that come with shipping.


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