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Address of Amazon Fulfillment Center In Columbia SC

Columbia is the capital and second largest city of the U.S. state of South Carolina, with a population estimate of 134,309 as of 2016. The city serves as the county seat of Richland County, and a portion of the city extends into neighboring Lexington County. It is the center of the Columbia metropolitan statistical area, […]

amazon fulfillment center in columbia

different shipping containers

The Most Common Shipping Container Size And Shipping Container Types

International freight forwarders use containers to ensure a safe arrival of your goods from country A to country B. To accommodate different types of goods to be shipped and special care that they might need, there are many different types of containers that have been made in different sizes, materials, structures and constructions. But What is the […]

Transit Time From China To Other Countries

When people are going to get cargo shipped from China to other countries, they always want to know how long the transportation will take. But when you are using ships to get cargo out of China, there can only be a very rough idea about the ETT (estimated transit time, between the estimated time of […]

Address of Amazon Fulfillment Center In Chattanooga TN

Chattanooga is a city in the U.S. state of Tennessee, with a population of 176,588 in 2015. The fourth-largest Tennessee city, it is the seat of Hamilton County. Located in southeastern Tennessee in East Tennessee, on the Tennessee River, served by multiple railroads and Interstate highways, Chattanooga is a transit hub. Chattanooga lies 120 miles […]

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WHAT’S A FREIGHT FORWARDER/FREIGHT FORWARDING COMPANY ? When people start selling products on Amazon, they might find logistics plays a huge role in selling online and launching products on Amazon. After ordering products from manufactures in China, there are still many people wondering whether they have to pay for the shipping. In most cases, the price you and […]

amazon account suspended

How to Keep Your Amazon Seller Account Away From Suspension

Last month, a customer of ours got his Millions-making seller account suspended by Amazon. Amazon did not tell him the reason of the suspension, and that shows the uncertainty of seller experience on Amazon. Because Amazon has the power/rights to ban your account if they think you cross the line. All your account information and […]

Find Out Address of Amazon Fulfillment Center in Louisville KY

Louisville is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the 29th-most populous city in the United States. It is one of two cities in Kentucky designated as first-class, the other being the state’s second-largest city of Lexington. Louisville is the historical seat and, since 2003, the nominal seat of Jefferson County. Louisville was founded in […]

Amazon FBA Center in KY

What Big Advancements Have Been Made In Amazon Brand Registry

When Amazon make changes, it sometimes means sellers have to adapt and change their methods and processes. As annoying as this might be, the changes that Amazon put in place are always with one important goal in mind: to make Amazon a better place for shoppers. As Amazon FBA sellers, this is in our best interests […]