How does FBA Work in Europe and UK

Just like in the US, Amazon offers their FBA program in Europe and the UK.  That means you can ship your inventory to an Amazon FBA warehouse in Europe and they will handle order fulfillment for local customers. This means that you can access millions more Amazon customers, and continue to leverage the operational simplicity of the FBA program.


Once your inventory has been imported into Europe and is with Amazon, there are two fulfillment options to choose from – European Fulfillment Network (EFN) or Multi-Country Inventory.


EFN allows sellers registered for FBA in Germany, France, Italy and the UK to store their inventory in one country’s Fulfillment Center, and still fulfill orders throughout Europe, regardless of the marketplace the item was sold on. Alternately you can arrange to have inventory held and shipped from Fulfillment Center in individual countries, known as Multi-Country Inventory.


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