How Long does Shipping Take from China to UK?

Assuming you’re in the United Kingdom, it’s important to understand the methods used to ship something from China to UKForest Shipping, as a professional freight forwarder in China, provides three methods for your choices: Courier Service, Air freight, Sea Freight.


  1. If by Courier Service. Like DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT USPS, DPD, and Royal Express, it usually takes 4 to 6 business days from China to UK. Though it is the fastest way but it is only for small packages and files as its shipping fee is expensive.


  1. If by Air freight. Air freight takes longer time than courier service, usually 6 to 8 business days but it is cheaper than courier service and suitable for heavier goods. Forest Shipping works with major airlines, and will ensure that your bulk products will be delivered safely and quickly.


  1. If by Sea Freight. Sea freight shipping times have several factors that we include in our estimated time of delivery. These factors include but are not limited to customs inspection, weather, transport truck and employment delays. These factors will affect the overall transport time. In a word, it takes about 30 business days from China to UK if your goods are delivered by sea freight.


So depending on which method you have paid for, it will take different amounts of time.


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