How to Manage Customer Feedback for Amazon Listing

In this article you will learn how to view customer feedback and how customer feedback is managed for FBA orders.


Buyers can leave feedback for sellers on orders that are fulfilled by Amazon FBA just as they do for merchant-fulfilled orders. The Feedback Manager on the Performance tab lets you track buyer satisfaction with your service. You can view short- and long-term metrics as well as detailed feedback entries with buyer comments and email addresses.


When a customer leaves negative feedback that is entirely related to the service provided by Amazon FBA shipping, including fulfillment and customer service, you can request to have the negative rating struck through so it won’t affect your performance metrics. After reviewing the feedback, if Amazon determine it applies exclusively to the fulfillment or customer service provided by Amazon, they will strike through the negative rating, and it will not reflect on your performance metrics. The customer’s comment will remain with a note from Amazon that states, “This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience.”


However, if Amazon find that any portion of the comment applies to the condition of your product as indicated on your listing (New, Used, etc.), or any service that you, rather than Amazon, provided or arranged to be provided to the customer, the feedback and negative rating will remain without edits.


Note: The customer feedback strike-through only applies to items sold on Amazon and fulfilled through the Amazon fulfillment network (AFN). A merchant-fulfilled order on Amazon, even if submitted as a Multi-Channel Fulfillment order, is not eligible for customer feedback strike-through.


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