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Amazon seller should pay attention to these items during the FBA shipping process .

What you should prepare before the FBA shipment.

1.Make sure the quantity of your item is in line with the number that you write on the internet transport system.

2.Using your laser printer to Print the suitable and appropriate size label (items::1“x25/8;package3-1/3“x4”),keep the label clear and clean.

3.Produce label according to the PDF files that given by Amazon. Each item should be attached with a label.

4.Keep the name and attribute of the product is in line with the attached label.

5.Stick the container’s label under the carrier’s label.

6.You should choose the carrier who can provide tracking ID to you,so that Amazon can tack the the statue of your product,input your Tracking ID with the shipping track button.


Export FBA

If the seller want his FBA account have the cross-country selling function which means the NON-us buyers also can buy your media product.You can ask Amazon to agree with your export shipment, so that your product can sold over the world,under this condition you don’t need sell your product on the internet website.

Through FBA ,The seller can export most of the media product likes: books, music, DVD, vedio photography to any country except Canada.

If the seller want to join in this project, they just need to send a signature ,because the signature will be needed in the CUSTOMER CLEARANCE part,the signature is used to prove the declare information is correct.The violation items should not be contained in the parcel that prepared to be exported,and if you don’t want to deliver your order by FBA forwarder ,you can drop out from the project.

For more cross-country e-commerce information,please enter the Forest office website,( follow the Official WeChat Account,the advanced integrated FBA forwarder,looking forward to service you.