How to Prepare Shipment for Amazon FBA

In Amazon Prepare Shipment page, it helps you ship your inventory to Amazon FBA. Make sure that you follow the requirements to ensure safe and on-time deliver to the FBA fulfillment centers.

The Prepare Shipment page will walk you through the process of creating each of your shipments. The steps required to complete a shipment may vary depending on whether you choose small parcel delivery (SPD) or less than truckload (LTL) delivery.

General procedures are as follows:

  1. Select the shipping method and your preferred carrier.
  2. In the “Shipment packing” step, follow the directions to provide box content information for each of your boxes. Box content information includes the quantity of each ASIN per box, the box weight and dimensions, and expiration dates (if applicable). Click Confirm.
  3. Select the label stock and click Print box labels. A PDF file is generated for you. You can open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader and print your labels immediately or save the file and print your labels later. Make sure you print the full set of labels. Make sure you put the correct label on each box. If you modify the number of boxes after you have already printed your labels, you must reprint the entire set of labels for your shipment.( Important: Each label has an unique number per box. Do not photocopy, reuse, or modify labels for use on additional boxes.)
  4. Enter the shipping method and the information on the box based on the carrier.
  5. Put the shipping label on each box.
  6. In the case of small parcel delivery, one label per box is required.
  7. In the case of less than Truckload, four labels per pallet are required.

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