Tips for Amazon FBA Packaging

Your products in the Amazon FBA fulfillment centers are directly sent to buyers. So each unit, including multiple-volume set book publications, must be contained within a secure package.

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Here are some requirements for FBA packages:

  • Any FNSKU you use on a Unit must be unique and must correspond to one unique product. For example, each assortment type, such as size or color, will have a different FNSKU. Also an item that needs to set up in the Amazon fulfillment center is not receivable. (e.g., a wheel and tires of the motorcycle in several packages individually)
  • Any set of product (e.g. a NASCAR set of six unique Hotwheel cars, sold as one Unit) must be marked as a set of product on their packaging. Add a label to the Unit that states: “Sold as set” or “This is a set. Do not separate.” The sticker can be downloaded from here.
  • For Case-Packed Items, you must remove or cover any scannable barcode on the outside of a carton that includes multiple Units. Please cover the scannable barcode on the carton using a white packing tape, or make it unscannable by drawing lines on it vertically, not horizontally. Only the Units within the case can have scannable barcodes.
  • A few small products in a large box is not recommended. If a few items need to be packed in the big box, state as the low quantity on the outside of the box.
  • Marketing documents such as fliers, priced tags, stickers of merchant’s should not be included in the package unless Amazon approves the use of specific documents.
  • A set of oversized product with multiple packages is not acceptable. (e.g. a TV screen and several speakers in one set)
  • Please note that any relevant product/package listed below may be sent to buyers directly.
  1. The product is oversized.
  2. There is no such protrusions of the product from the inside to the outer carton
  3. The box is strong enough to withstand any stress
  4. Toys, Video Games and any adult category products are not included (oversized products are excluded)
  5. The Delivery slip (190mm×221mm) can be placed on the package directly

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