Why your goods were checked by US custom? Tips from shipping agent regarding the product selection

Before you purchase the product, please pay attention to check whether it needs to be certified, or infringing (intellectual property right)

A: trademark, property:such as Bluetooth, UL, Bluetooth products must have a Bluetooth certificate, UL lamp products, have UL certificate, FCC, DOT, etc.

FDA-regulated products require a MEDICAL DEVICE ID (FDA)Products touch the human body , medical equipment need to do FDA declaration


Some products not only need FDA declaration also need FDA certificate and FDA number, such as sunglasses, first aid kit, ceramic products, beauty equipment, physiotherapy product
Animal and plant products needs health certificate.

B: Certification must be true, goods would be confiscated or detained if you provide false certificate, once goods inspected by USA customC The amount of declaration should not be too low, it easily lead to increased customs inspection rate with too low declared goods value .

it is recommended that at least 75% of the real value to declare

name of the declaration must be true and correct,the consignee shall bear all the responsibility for the false commodity name

We dont suggest you purchase the anti-dumping products:Like: Stainless steel shelves, solar related products, notebooks with lines

please note that: clothing, shoes, bags, leather products, leads products are with high import duty rate.

Toys: Toys ship to the United States need to provide TESTING REPORT,TRACKING LABEL should be sticked on the items,lt also need to do CPC certificate

Please note that, for those toys without the full sets certificate,the goods may be confiscated or returned.


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