Transit Time From China To Other Countries

Transit Time From China To Other Countries

When people are going to get cargo shipped from China to other countries, they always want to know how long the transportation will take. But when you are using ships to get cargo out of China, there can only be a very rough idea about the ETT (estimated transit time, between the estimated time of departure and estimated time of arrival) .

Here is a rough ETT from China to other countries, use it as reference.

USA & Canada (West)20 days
USA & Canada (Eest)30 days
Western Europe25 days
Northern Europe30 days
Southern Europe27 days
Australia15 days
India15 days
Southeast Asia9 days
Eastern Africa30 days
Western Africa40 days
Japan3 days
South Korea4 days
South America (East)30 days
South America (West)45 days


Please know that there could be 4 to 9 days difference in transportation that vary from different carriers, loading port and unloading port.

Here is another chart that shows the time for using different carrier from China’s Qingdao Port to Germany’s Hamburg Port.

Different carrierETT
By EMC33 days
By KLINE31 days
By YML31 days
By OOCL32 days
By ANL30 days
By MSC38 days
By COSCO34 days
By NYK32 days
By WanHai34 days
By CSCL31 days
By CMA30 days
By PIL33 days
By CSAV37 days
By UASC28 days
By IRISL42 days
By HPL32 days


Sea carriers never guarantee the ETD and ETA to be accurate, so there may be another 7 days (or even more) before the cargo is loaded or unloaded.

ForestShipping’s Suggestion

Ocean transportation is slow, so you need to have generous margins and plan for the possible delays. Furthermore, most manufactures in China need time to produce your products. So make sure that you place your order as early as possible. Let’s say you want to have your products ready before Christmas, you should get your order placed before September or August or even earlier.



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