How Will I Know When My Goods Have Been Delivered to FBA?

How Will I Know When My Goods Have Been Delivered to FBA?

In Amazon seller center, the Shipping Queue shows you the status of your shipments. After you mark a shipment as sent, the Shipping Queue will show that the shipment is in transit. When Amazon receives your product shipments, they scan the items, the Inventory Amazon Fulfills screen will show the adjusted quantities that were placed into inventory.


Inventory that is sent to an Amazon fulfillment center is generally scanned and made available for sale within 48 hours which is the time of the process between “Delivered” to “Receiving” on the Shipping Queue page. (The time might be delayed depending upon the situation.)


If you are using a carrier that provides tracking information and you see that your shipment has arrived at Amazon, but it has not been processed after more than 48 hours from the time of delivery, file a support case by going to Contact Us to request information about the shipment’s status.


In the form, include your tracking numbers and any other relevant information related to the shipment.


The primary causes of delayed shipment processing are:


  1. Poor quality or missing labels (shipping or item labels that can’t be scanned properly)
  2. Over-orunder-shipments (too many or not enough items in the shipment resulting in further research by our team)
  3. Poorly packaged items or products that require additional preparations before sale (loose product, damaged product, etc.)

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