How to Win the Amazon Buy Box

It is becoming more and more difficult to win the Amazon buy box as the seller number grows. Because there are multiple factors that go into determining who wins and Amazon is vague about them. And, you’re competing with a lot of other Amazon FBA sellers trying to win the buy box just like you.
There are two ways that can guarantee you win the buy box.
Way NO.1
List a unique product. One way to get around competing with multiple sellers is to offer a product that no one else offers. This is possible if you manufacture your own products or list an item that is not currently sold on will very easy for you to get the buy box, because you have the exclusive products in amazon.
Way NO.2
Bundle your items or make packages with multiple items. Example would be bundling different skincare items together, or offering a package of 3 pairs of socks. In both scenarios, you’re creating a new product that needs its own unique ASIN number.
You’ll be the only seller offering this product. This works great too if your customers actually prefer to buy your items this way.
The key to both of these strategies is to make sure that the item you’re selling has demand for it. If it doesn’t, it won’t matter that your item is offered in the Amazon buy box because no one wants to buy it.

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