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Frequently Asked Questions for FBA shipment

  1. Please declare your product value at cost. To reduce invoice value is not recommended as it might create customs doubt, hence inspection.

  2. Use the actual commodity name to clear the Customs under any circumstances. We only accept general products. Anything related to food, liquid, or any other dangerous products requires specifi licenses in order to be shipped out of China.

  3. Send cargo to Forest Shipping warehouse only and after the company’s staff has confirmed so.  

  4. We hold the right to adjust your product cost if you undervalue your product. 

  5. Do not amend the invoice after the shipment departure. Forest Shipping Company is unwilling to accept the HS code that customer nominated for clearance in the attempt to reduce the duties/taxes. We always clear the shipments on actual amount. If any customer does not agree on this, they must provide their own IOR for import clearance.

  6. US Customs is getting stricter on Amazon shipments. Whether a customer uses Forest Shipping Company IOR for import clearance, then, in case the shipment is on hold by Customs for any reason, we ensure that we will do our best to sort this out, whereas the customer may also need to provide any backup docs for assistance if required. In case the US Customs don’t recognize the method of importation for Amazon and reject the shipment, then the customer will have to undertake any charges occurred by the shipment return.

  7. Forest Shipping Company clears the customs as consolidated boxes, unless customer requests to clear their shipment individually. In case the full box is on hold due to any reason, all the surcharges incurred in a 15day time would be bear equally, after that time the brand holder will bear the costs.

  8. Make sure “MADE IN CHINA” is marked on both products & cartons.

  9. DG cargo, FOOD, DRUG or/and any other Anti-Dumping product is not accepted by Forest Shipping

  10. If there are any products are related to FDA, EPA, DOT, TOY, BLUETOOTH, CE all certification must be provided to Forest Shipping Company to review in advance. We will further check with our brokers if any other special requirements are needed for the customs clearance.