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Managed Delivery which is eBay's fulfillment service has been announced, it will provide end-to-end packaging and deliveries to its sellers. They plan to launch Managed Delivery in the US in 2020, instead of using their own network, they are going to work with third-party partners to supply warehousing, packing, and delivery services using eBay's technology platform. eBay says its sellers send 1,500,000 packages every day in the United States, and according to reports that around 40% to 50% of items listed on its website will qualify to use the fulfillment service.

ebay managed delivery fulfillment service

It would be a big change for eBay to launch the Managed Delivery, it will also be a great change to how sellers deliver their products. However, this change needs inconsistencies in its service. eBay's new fulfillment platform should help solve this problem, but it brings eBay into much closer competition with Amazon's FBA service. However, while the giant Amazon owns and operates its own network of warehouses, eBay plans to pay with third-party suppliers to provide fulfillment service.

Managed Delivery will shorten the delivery time to two to three days, and that it will simplify and lower the cost to sellers of sending products into the hands of their customers. And it is pretty sure that customers will benefit from faster and more reliable deliveries. When making its platform more attractive to sellers and buyers, eBay will also gain benefits from the increased brand awareness when millions of packages being transported with the company's logo on them.

A seller recruited in a trial of eBay's fulfillment service said that eBay charged him $3.99 to send a package from New Jersey to California, compared to the $3.09 he spent before, which didn't include the cost of packaging supplies. However, more important was that the time he saved that spent packaging his products by outsourcing the work to eBay. “I can focus on running my business and adding products rather than packing boxes all day,” he added.