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Frequently Asked Questions for FBA shipment

FBA fees cover the cost of storing your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, picking, packing, and shipping orders, and providing customer service for products sold. As part of FBA, you also have access to optional features and services to help you manage and grow your business.


  1. FBA pricing

An overview of the FBA fee structure with additional information about fees for core FBA services and additional charges related to optional FBA services.


  1. Fee revenue calculator

Use the FBA revenue calculator to estimate your fees for specific items using active listings on Amazon.


  1. Fee Preview

Fee Preview helps you estimate the FBA fees for products in your FBA inventory.


  1. Pick and pack, and weight handling fees

Per order fees are determined by the cost of packaging the products ordered (pick and pack), and the weight classification (weight handling).


  1. Monthly inventory storage fees

Storage fees are charged for all items stored in an Amazon fulfillment center based on calendar month and your daily average volume of inventory.


  1. Long-term storage fees

Inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers is assessed a long-term storage fee in addition to the monthly storage fee.


  1. Removal order fees

You can remove inventory from Amazon fulfillment centers in one of two ways: by having the inventory returned to you or having Amazon dispose of the inventory. A per-item fee applies.


  1. Returns processing fees

A returns processing fee is charged to you for those products for which Amazon offers free return shipping to the buyer.