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Frequently Asked Questions for FBA shipment

What is the FBA prep service? What does it have to do with FBA inspection service?

FBA prep service is the process of getting your inventory ready to send to the Amazon fulfillment center. It mainly focuses on the packaging and labeling of items but some items, especially those importing ones, might include an inspection of their inventory.

How does the FBA prep service work?

STEP 1. Ship Your Inventory to Us

We have branch offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, Yiwu, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Quanzhou, Fuzhou in China, and overseas offices in the US, France. We accept international orders, and we are able to handle the FBA prep services to every Amazon fulfillment center.

What you need to do is just sending us your inventory or let's go pick it up for you.

STEP 2. Prepare Your Order

We prepare every item according to the services you need and make sure they comply with every country's and Amazon’s standards. Our preparation work includes FBA label service, FBA inspection service and etc.

STEP 3. Ship Your Order to Amazon fulfillment center

As the leading FBA freight forwarder in China, we provide door to door sea and air shipping services with different incoterms to get your inventory into the Amazon fulfillment center.



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