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Frequently Asked Questions for FBA shipment

How to Sell Products Online without Inventory?

If you are willing to start a business in a period of time, selling products online may become one of your options. In addition, if the sellers do not have much experience about e-commerce as well as sufficient resources, they may want to know that whether they can sell online without inventory.

Introduction about Amazon FBA and 7 Important Parts of Business Plan

As you may know, Amazon is one of the extremely popular website related to e-commerce. Plenty of new sellers as well as new consumers are interested in it. For sellers’ aspects, it is very convenient because they can start that with laptop as well as internet connection. On the other hand, it is also user-friendly for the consumers because they can browse plenty of different items when staying indoors.

How to choose the products to sell on Amazon and how to source them?

Selecting the proper products to sell on Amazon is very essential. Here are some suggestions that may help you to consider the suitable products to sell and source on Amazon FBA.

What is ISF? And 5 Must Know Aspects about ISF

ISF(Importer Security Filing), or can be called 10+2, is a regulation that requires containerized goods information to be transmitted to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection not less than 24 hours in advance before loading. The Importer security filing usually informs CBP of the container detail as well as arrival plan.

6 Things You Need to Know About "Amazon Stops Receiving Non-essential Products"

Yesterday (March 17), Amazon announced that it would no longer be receiving shipments for non-essential products to their FBA warehouses in US and EU. And this will not change until April 5, 2020. As an Amazon seller, here are something you should know about.

Differences Between Warehousing and Distribution

A lot of logistics professionals use the terms warehouse and distribution center interchangeably. Some of them even say that “there is effectively no difference between a warehouse and a distribution center”. So, how different is a distribution center from a warehouse? Let me tell you upfront that they are as different as a modern 21st century supply chain is from a traditional supply chain.

Location of Amazon Fulfillment Center In Italy

Please check the validity before you send products to the following addresses, and please feel free to contact us if you need freight forwarding service to Amazon Fulfillment Center in Italy, you can contact us via email:, you can also request a free quote here.

Address of Amazon Fulfillment Center in Germany

The addresses of Amazon warehouse in Germany below include both Amazon's own Fulfillment Center locations as well as third-party operated warehouses that manage Amazon FBA products on behalf of Amazon.

Amazon Fulfillment Center Address/Location In France

Feel free to contact us if you need freight forwarding service to Amazon Fulfillment Center in France, you can contact us via email:, you can also request a free quote here.

Amazon Fulfillment Center Location/Address in UK

The Amazon warehouse addresses below are Fulfillment Center locations in the United Kingdom, we will update the list on a regular basis as we learn about new Amazon FBA addresses. And please check the validity before you send products to the fulfillment center, in case we do not update timely.

Address of Major Sea Ports in India

Moving from West to East on the coastline, the following are the major ports of India.

What are Break Bulk Cargo and Bulk Cargo?

Break bulk cargo is packaged cargo that is oversized or heavyweight, creating a more complex logistical challenge. Goods can't be containerized for overseas shipments, as they consist of multiple, differently sized items, loads or units for individual consignees. They also can't be loaded onto flat rack containers, due to their size or weight.

What is An ECCN Number? And How to Find Your ECCN Number?

ECCN means Export Control Classification Number, which is an alphanumeric designation (i.e., 1A984 or 4A001) used in the Commerce Control List (CCL) to identify (for export control purposes) commercial or certain military items (i.e., commodities, technology and software) that have, or may have, military, terrorist or proliferation applications. The ECCN is based on the technical characteristics of the item and requires a detailed analysis of the item in order for it to be classified, and is not the same as a Schedule B number.