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Frequently Asked Questions for FBA shipment

The FIATA shorthand description of the freight forwarder as the ‘Architect of Transport’ illustrates the commercial position of the forwarder relative to its client. Forest Shipping in China, specializing in Amazon FBA shipping and international freight forwarders, is an expert international logistics service provider who is worthy of your trust.


What Can We Do for You?

Courier Service. Forest Shipping cooperates with major world-class express couriers including but not limited to DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT USPS, DPD, and Royal Express. We ship in bulk quantities and always route the shipment for the best price available without losing transit time.


Air Freight. Need to have your goods sent in a hurry? Air freight shipping is one of the most widely used shipping methods for both importing and exporting goods around the world. Forest Shipping works with major airlines to ensure your product gets to its destination safe and sound.


Sea FCL and LCL. Forest Shipping offers full container load and less than container load options. Shipped by sea, FCL and LCL is an extremely cost effective method of shipping your products. With over 6 years of experience of shipping by sea, we know how to handle Amazon FBA methods. Trust Forest Shipping to provide the smoothest hassle-free transportation you will ever come to know.


In-land Forwarding. Forest Shipping provides our customers with a safe, efficient, and low-cost transportation with our inland forwarding service. Our experienced trucking forwarding service ensures that your goods will not be declined.


Customs Clearance. Never worry about your products clearing customs again. We are experts in documentation so your products are guaranteed to arrive without hassle. Our customs clearance work prepares your goods for an easy clearance. During this process, we represent our clients in every step, including customs examining, payment of duty and assessment for the cargo that is either imported or exported.


Warehousing. Forest Shipping offers a successful strategic warehousing solution. Our warehousing service optimizes inventory levels and reduces initial costs. Our network of locations means that you may fulfill your shipping promises with customers with FBA Shipping in the USA, Canada, EU, China, and Japan.


Looking for a reliable freight forwarder in China? Trust Forest Shipping, let experienced logistics professionals handle your cargo.