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Frequently Asked Questions for FBA shipment

Selecting the proper products to sell on Amazon is very essential. Here are some suggestions that may help you to consider the suitable products to sell on Amazon FBA.

  1. Priced Around $9.99-$59.99

In most cases, the products’ prices under $9.99 will not have much profit while the products’ prices over $59.99 may be expensive for the beginners.

  1. Choosing the products which are fairly small, light weight as well as hard-wearing

When considering what to choose on Amazon FBA, the shipping cost is one of the important factors. If the size of the products is big and heavy, the shipping cost may be higher. On the other hand, if the products are light weight and fairly small, the shipping costs are probably lower than the big and heavy products. For the hard-wearing aspect, this can keep the products are complete during the shipping process.

  1. Enhancing the products that are already existed

Basically, it is not difficult to communicate with manufactures while enhancing the products more competitive than the products existed. For instance, adding some specific features that are attractive may be better than the competition.

  1. The products should originate from a trustworthy source

Generally, if the products are originated from a trustworthy source, the quality of products can be ensured to some extent. It may increase the satisfaction of consumers.

  1. Keeping distance from the immensely popular products

Typically, if the products are very popular and have been chosen by many sellers, the competition will be comparatively intense.

  1. Keeping distance from high return rate products

In general, if consumers return the products very often, it will cost money. Especially for the products that have been already opened. In a word, browsing the reviews of products in advance and choose the products with good reviews can stay away from unsuitable products to some extent.

 How to choose products to sell and source

Then, do you want to figure out the ways about sourcing the products to sell on Amazon? Here are some suggestions for you to have a better understanding of sourcing products.


A trustworthy sourcing platform is very essential for beginners to consider and have a better understanding of how to source products to sell on Amazon. The demand and competition of the products should be analyzed before sourcing products.


Generally speaking, the more the sellers purchase the more discounts they have. And please do not forget to analyze the products before sourcing.


If you work with the suppliers for drop shipping, it is more convenient for sourcing. Because it will decrease the need to buy, keep as well as deal with the products in advance.


The items typically will be bought by suppliers for drop shipping from the manufactures and storing in suppliers’ warehouses. When the order has been placed, the products will be shipped to Amazon FBA warehouses by drop shipping suppliers.


This kind of approach is suitable for those who are finding customized items as well as the companies with bigger size.