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Amazon is a great marketplace for people. The most popular items that people sell is electronics, gadgets and books. However, you are not limited to only selling those types of items.


You can find a great wealth of products listed for sale on this major website. Toys, apparel, medicines, and beauty aids are just a sample of what is sold. Many people use this outlet to price compare.


With Amazon FBA, you can begin your venture small and level up at a comfortable pace, to virtually limitless levels. Or, you can break out of the starting gate at a run, knowing you have the support and services provided by Amazon to back you up.


Firstly, you will need a Amazon Seller’s account to sell anything on the site.


Step 1 — Unless you already have an Amazon account, create a username and password. Then decide whether you want to be a professional or individual seller. The individual plan is best for those who only intend to sell a few items, while the professional plan is catered for those selling in bulk. The individual plan is entirely free, but the professional plan runs a monthly subscription fee of $39.99 given professional sellers are typically selling at a higher volume. An individual account should suffice for most users, after all, not everyone needs access to Amazon’s API functions and inventory management feeds.


Step 2 — Add credit card information for a smooth transaction. A $4 charge will be applied to your account while Amazon verifies the card with your respective bank, but once verified, the money will be returned. The only other time the card will be charged is if Amazon detects you didn’t complete an exchange.


Step 3 — Add seller information detailing your desired display name, appropriate address and other pertinent information necessary for a valid transaction.


Step 4 — Verify said information. First, enter your phone number and click the yellow Call me Now button. You’ll receive a call from Amazon shortly, and when prompted, enter the PIN number appearing on your screen on your phone prior to hanging up. Once finished, you should see a verification message on your computer indicating you’re ready to begin selling on Amazon.