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You can find a freight forwarder shipping agent to help you receive and check the goods from different suppliers, repack and consolidate the goods to send to Amazon warehouse. You only need to place order for the goods and pay the shipping fee, all other procedures can be done by the forwarder shipping agent.

The forwarder shipping service usually include:

  1. Package arrive notice. Usually shipping forwarder will send message to notice customers when their packages arrived their warehouse for free to save their time tracking package frequently;
  2. Warehouse storage service. The shipping forwarder offers up to 180 days free package storage service.
  3. Photo shooting service. The product quality is important to the Amazon seller. Mostly shipping forwarders offer free photo shooting service once the package arrive their warehouse, they can help foreigners to return or exchange the products if they unsatisfied with the products to reduce the unnecessary shipping cost as well as avoid customer arguments.
  4. Merge or split packages. The forwarder will help foreigners merge multiple packages in one to save the shipping fee to maximumly optimize the Amazon FBA shipping fee. If foreigners provide different shipping addresses, they can also split packages to ship them respectively.
  5. Package reinforcement service. Mostly forwarder agent will help foreigners remove the unnecessary packages, repack and reinforce the package in case damage during freight shipping. The crush resistant containers can be free or paid with different freight forwarders.
  6. Customs fee optimization solution. If the package overweight or over value they will be charged more customs fee, the shipping forwarder has more experience to help foreigners lower down the customs fee.
  7. Sensitive items shipping service. Among the products shopping from China, some of them may belong to sensitive products, like foods, cosmetics, drugs, buttery digital products etc. Reliable shipping forwarder usually has shipping line to help foreigners ship those products from China.

FORESTSHIPPING is full experience on provider freight forwarding service for many Amazon FBA seller. We have cooperated successfully with many abroad Amazon sellers. If you need help from us please feel free to contact us.