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Frequently Asked Questions for FBA shipment

If you are running a international trade business, and you need to import or export products. Then freight rate pricing becomes an important step in the international shipping process, and it is important for you to get a good freight rate quote. In order to get an accurate shipping quote, please make sure to give the following information to the freight forwarder.

different products


This is obvious, but there are many people try to get freight quotes without specifying what they are going to ship.

The type of item to be shipped matters. Rules that apply to lumber and raw wood shipments would not apply to the shipment of wooden furniture.

So make sure you will give this information.

Tell freight forwarders what you are going to ship. It affects whether they will handle your goods or not, and what shipping method will be using, also what type and size of shipping container you will need. All of this affects how much the shipping is going to cost and how long it will take.


The freight prices are based on weight and size when it comes to air freight shipping, and ocean freight shipping pricing generally based on the size. But price is also affected when you are shipping extremely heavy shipments by sea.

So you need to know how much your shipment weights and its size for air shipping, and know the size of shipment for sea shipping.

If you are shipping less than a container load, you can still use sea shipping and you will be charged by the volume (cubic meter).

For a post about Ocean Freight vs. Air Freight shipping, click here.



You always have several options when you ship internationally, and your freight forwarder will need these information, such as do you export or import from door to door or door to port, or port to port, or port to door?

If you prefer door shipping, what area is your shipment in? In residential area, trucks may not be allow to enter.

Get the addresses for pickup and drop off of goods ready is the best way for you to get a accurate freight quote.

When you are shipping from port to port, let your freight forwarder know the ports you want your items be shipped from and to.



The time you asking for a freight quote is important, because shipping rates change from time to time. Unless you are a giant company and ship your products everyday, you are dealing in the spot rate market looking for space on the ships and planes, and the prices keep changing.

So, you should go to a freight forwarder and ask for a accurate freight quote just a few weeks before your shipment is ready.