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When people start selling products on Amazon, they might find logistics plays a huge role in selling online and launching products on Amazon. After ordering products from manufactures in China, there are still many people wondering whether they have to pay for the shipping.

In most cases, the price you and manufacture agreed upon will only get your products to the port in China, and your are responsible for shipping them to Amazon fulfillment center or 3rd party fulfillment center.

Now, it comes to the most difficult part: ship you product from China to Amazon fulfillment center. It could be completely foreign to most of sellers. First, you have to find a company that can help you with that. Second, you need to choose a proper shipping method. And then, you still have to take care of customs duties, container size and a lot of other things. It will take you TONS of time, a lot of money and energy to get them done. And a freight forwarder (freight forwarder company) can help you with these things. Freight forwarders like FORESTSHIPPING will pick up your products from the manufactures and deliver them to your assigned fulfillment center.

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When Should I Use Freight Forwarding Service? Do I Need One?

When your business grows and air express becomes unaffordable or you products are large and heavy, you should think about hiring a freight forwarder. Another thing to remember, it will be more cost effective to use air freight or sea freight when your shipment is over 135 kilograms or 2 cubic meters. If your total shipment is under 135 kilograms or 2 cubic meters, it is not worthy to use a freight forwarder service.

And it is true that you can do this process by yourself, but as we mentioned, you can save energy, time, and money by using freight forwarder, so you can focus on expanding your business.



FORESTSHIPPING will arrange all the shipment from your manufactures to Amazon Fulfillment Center, so you will have a 100% hands-off and door to door service. And we are the best FBA freight forwarder in China with over 7 YEARS in freight forwarding industry. With our help, you can outsource the process and focus on your business.