What is Amazon Point

What is Amazon Point


Amazon Points is a payment method for eligible items on the Amazon.co.jp website. Amazon buyers earn Points by purchasing items with Point offerings, and then they can redeem the Points they earn on other eligible items.

Professional Sellers have the option to offer Amazon Points on any of their listed offers. Points accumulate at the rate of one yen for every Amazon Point redeemed.

Points offering

Point offerings on an item are displayed on the product detail page under the price of the item. Buyers earn the Points offered on a purchased item once the FBA shipment of that item is confirmed.


Paying for points offering

The monetary value of the Points offered on an item is deducted from your sales proceeds before they are disbursed to your account.


Fees for SKUs with point offerings

Amazon fee rates will be applied to the price of the item minus the monetary value of the Points offered on that item (1 pt=1 JPY).


Cancel an item

If the buyer makes a change to an order after is has been placed, such as changing the item quantity of canceling the order entirely, no Points transaction will occur.


Return an item

If an item is returned to Amazon FBA warehouses, the Amazon Points earned from the item are deducted from the buyer’s account and returned to your seller account. In the case of a partial refund, Points refunded will be automatically calculated by a directly proportional percentage of the item price refund.


Set points on existing inventory item

You can set Points from 1%-95% of an item’s total monetary value.


To set Amazon Points to an item that is already in your inventory, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Inventory.
  2. Find the Points column on the inventory table.
  3. Enter Point amount by percentage of total cost of item.
  4. Select Save Changes.




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