Learn Importance of Amazon Feedback

Maintaining a high feedback rating is an important part of being a successful FBA seller on Amazon. Customers often review feedback ratings when deciding whether to make a purchase from a seller. If you receive negative feedback, it is important to quickly determine the cause of the problem and work toward resolving it.The following thing you need to know is the importance of feedback and what ratings mean.Please read the following paragraph.

The importance of Amazon feedback

Buyers can submit only one feedback comment per order. The link to leave feedback is on the main Amazon website, on the Order Details page in Your Account, and is available to buyers 3 days after the order has been confirmed. We also send a feedback reminder within 2 days of the maximum estimated delivery date of the order or within 22 days of the order being placed (whichever comes first) if a buyer hasn’t already provided feedback.

We encourage you to resolve any situations by researching the root cause behind each negative rating, addressing the buyer’s concerns, and making improvements to your processes and policies. For tips on soliciting and managing feedback, see Improve your feedback rating.

What does feedback rating mean?

To leave feedback, a buyer must rate you using a 5-star system:

Positive feedback: 5 or 4 stars

Neutral feedback: 3 stars

Negative feedback: 2 or 1 stars

Feedback percentages are rounded off to the nearest whole number and therefore your totals can sometimes add up to 99% rather than 100%. For example, if a seller has 1,001 positive, 15 neutral, and 4 negative ratings, for a total of 1,020 ratings, the percentages will show as 98% (rounded off from .981), 1% (rounded off from .014), and 0% (rounded off from .003), for a total of 99%.

How to  calculate your feedback score?

SUM (positive feedback) / SUM (all feedback) for feedback left in the last 30, 90, 365 days, and lifetime

For example, suppose you have the following feedback scores:


  • Total of all positive feedback=90
  • Total of all feedback (1 through 5)=100
  • Divide positive feedback by all feedback
  • Feedback score=90.0%



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