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Frequently Asked Questions for FBA shipment

Dear Forest Shipping,


My LCL container finally arrived into Amazon FBA warehouses in Pennsylvania.  Everything arrived on time and in good condition.  You guys are amazing.  5 stars. Outstanding service and I will definitely use you from now on.


LW – Large Amazon Seller

Hi Forest Shipping,


All goods have arrived, thank you for the excellent service.

I have processed the payment today as requested.


Kind Regards,


We are very satisfied with your service and you can expect that we will continue our cooperation and advise your company at the first opportunity. Have a great day!


Best Regards,
Alexei A.

Hi Forest Shipping,


I didn’t know you do air shipping too. I can get a quote from you next time.
Yes, your competitor’s rate was very cheap compared to your earlier quote. However, they promised that they has previous experience delivering to Amazon, this turned out to be NOT true.

Next time, I will waste my time with them. I know you are the one I can count on from now on.



Hi Forest,


Ok Noted! I will arrange the payment for you asap. Will be around next week.

Thank You for the great service I received, we will have another 20ft for the next shipment.



Dear Forest Shipping,


Its Michelle here…i got your contact details from Irene, she said you were great to work with…

I need 2000 ab wheels shipped to USA from Taiwan…


Michelle G.

Choose forest shipping due to the fact that you are reliable and honest. Also your service is excellent; My items have been shipped directly to amazon woth no issues at all. Also shipping was exceptionally fast.


Cedric Delabi

Thank you very much for providing us your support during the last year cooperation and appreciated.The reason why we choose sea shipment is lowing the shipping cost and also deliver on time. The Forest Shipping made it happen, with a attitude of taking responsibility for the accident and the loss. Most important is the lead time, which with Forest Shipping, it has been mostly on time or a reasonable shift. In Forest Shipping system, I have my own user ID and the goods are always on the track, which everything is clear, including the ETD, ETA, SHIPMENT ID or any delays. I'm happy with the email notifications service, which could remind me about status of certain shipment.Our Amazon base in US, The Ago! , become more stable and always with back up stock with the support of Forest Shipping.Thank you very much and nice to work with you.


Alfy Jaanou

Your company has great rates and customer service, I liked how you always respond quickly. This is why I love working with you and your team. Thank you.


Yazen Aswad