Analyzing Key Reason Why Cargo detained by Amazon FBA

With rising development for global Amazon FBA market, most agency should build up their first objective on how to expand the market focusing on realizing delivery requirement from U.S. Amazon FBA.

Here, we list major delivery requirement from Amazon FBA:

Amazon can’t work directly as cargo receiver or importer. It means there are no more costs generated from Amazon FBA based on seller delivering their cargo into Amazon FBA.

At the same time, Amazon FBA warehouse can’t be shown as cargo receiver, normally just show the name for one agency forwarder or shop storage as cargo receiver.

  1. Regarding Amazon FBA Express Mode

For cargo delivered through Amazon FBA Express, it is no need to arrange pallets and stick on mark or tag identification outer of cargo boxes belong to related customer in advance for

  1. Regarding large cargo consignment into Amazon FBA:

Request making one appointment for two days in advance before cargo entering Amazon FBA, then order tracking is on real time for related cargo consignment.

Meanwhile, FBA request arrangement with pallets for large cargo consignment under strict specification, otherwise amazon FBA reject to accept related cargo.

Then, we analyze Key reason for cargo  detained  by Amazon FBA:

  1. Special cargo: like glasses, beauty equipment, as well as medical equipment. United States FBA request “FDA” for such kind of types of goods. Otherwise it is unacceptable by the USA.
  2. Anti dumping products:

If these kind of goods showed on commercial invoice imported into the United States, it will be controlled by the custom.

It is impossible for related cargo imported into USA if goods belong to the United States Amazon FBA. Meanwhile you have no friends to handle related problem in USA.

3, Imitation brands: Based on the request from the U.S. Amazon FBA delivery requirement, anti brand cargo in Los Angeles or New York Airport will be checked by the New York airport custom clearance department.

It will be better for goods cleared at Cincinnati. This reflects that goods delivered via New York or Los Angeles will be checked under the strict condition. Rate checked by the United States FBA is higher.

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