The Most Common Shipping Container Sizes And Shipping Container Types

shipping container sizes and types

International freight forwarders use containers to ensure a safe arrival of your goods from country A to country B. To accommodate different types of goods to be shipped and special care that they might need, there are many different types of containers that have been made in different sizes, materials, structures and constructions.

But What are the sizes of shipping container?

Container dimensions, weights and specifications are given below. We try to be as accurately as possible but the figures may vary depending on manufacture and conversion.

Standard External Container Dimensions

Container Length 8ft 10ft 20ft 30ft 40ft
Container Width 7ft 1ins 8ft 8ft 8ft 8ft
Container Height:
» Standard 7ft 5ins 8ft 6ins 8ft 6ins 8ft 6ins 8ft 6ins
» High cube 9ft 6ins 9ft 6ins 9ft 6ins 9ft 6ins

Standard Internal Container Dimensions

Internal Length 7ft 6ins 9ft 2ins 19ft 3ins 29ft 4ins 39ft 4ins
Internal Width 6ft 11ins 7ft 7ins 7ft 7ins 7ft 7ins 7ft 7ins
Internal Height:
» Standard 6ft 8ins 7ft 9ins 7ft 9ins 7ft 9ins 7ft 9ins
» High cube 8ft 9ins 8ft 9ins 8ft 9ins 8ft 9ins
End Door Aperture Width 6ft 10ins as req. 7ft 6ins 7ft 6ins 7ft 6ins
End Door Aperture Height:
» Standard 6ft 4ins as req. 7ft 5ins 7ft 5ins 7ft 5ins
» High cube as req. 8ft 5ins 8ft 5ins 8ft 5ins
Floor area 51sq ft 72sq ft 150sq ft 227sq ft 305sq ft
Cubic capacity:
» Standard 348cu ft 560cu ft 1160cu ft 1760cu ft 2360cu ft
» High cube 630cu ft 1310cu ft 1985cu ft 2660cu ft
Weight 1 tons 1.5 tons 2.4 tons 3.2 tons 4 tons


The Most Common Shipping Container Types

Dry Containers

Dry Containers are the most commonly used containers in the world. They can be used to transport most of the products. Dry containers are available in sizes of 10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet.

dry container

Flat Rack Shipping Containers

Flat Rack containers are used to load over-sized items, construction equipment, building supplies, or heavy machinery. These containers have 2 sides that can be folded up or down to accommodate different cargo.

Flat Rack Shipping Containers

Open Top Shipping Containers

Open Top containers come with a removable top and, are usually used to contain over-height cargo.

open top container

Tunnel Shipping Container

Tunnel containers are similar to a dry container. Because they have openings on both ends, just like tunnels, so they got named by tunnel container. With two ends open, tunnel containers make loading and unloading much easier.

tunnel container

Side Open Shipping Container

Side open containers is unlike dry container or open top container, they open on the side (as opposed to the ends) to meet specific loading and unloading needs.

side open container

Refrigerated ISO Shipping Containers

Refrigerated ISO Containers (also called reefer containers) are used to preserve temperature sensitive goods such as fruit or seafood.

Refrigerated ISO Containers

Insulated Shipping Containers

Insulated containers come with a regulated temperature control device, they are most suitable for long distance transportation of products.

Insulated Containers

Cargo Storage Roll Shipping Containers

Cargo storage roll are made of thick, strong mesh rollers, they are foldable and can be moved easily. They are usually used to transport sets or stacks of heavy materials.

Cargo Storage Roll Containers

Half Height Shipping Containers

Half height containers are half of the height of a full sized dry containers. They are used to transport goods that require easy loading and unloading.

half height container

Car Carrier Shipping Containers

Car carriers are special containers made for car transportation over long distances. To protect cars from damages, they come with collapsible sides.

car carrier container



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