Costs of Using Amazon FBA (FBA Pricing)

After knowing the benefits of FBA, understanding the costs of FBA helps you determine if this service is the right decision for you.

Amazon breaks their fees down first by item type: media (cds), non-media (phone cases), oversize items (furniture), and then zero fee fulfillment ($300+ software). For your items,

expect fees for the following FBA services:


  • Order handling per customer order
  • Pick&Pack per unit order by customer
  • Weight handling per pound per unit ordered by customer
  • Storage per cubic foot per month (rates vary by time of year)


For example, a DVD order placed on would cost you a total of $1.55 to fulfill: $0 for Handling, $1.04 for Pick & Pack, $0.50 for Weight Handling, and $0.01 for storage.

However, costs changes for items sold on any other sales than  The same DVD, say if sold on your own website, would instead cost you a total of $2.96 to fulfill : $1.90 for Order Handling, $0.60 for Pick & Pack, $0.45 for Weight Handling, and $0.01 for storage.For more examples of standard items, check out Amazon’s FBA Fees.

There are other scenarios where additional fees apply. These type of instances can cause a change in standard pricing:


  • Oversized items have special Handing Fees per shipment.
  • There are additional storage fees for inventory stored for six months are longer.
  • Store rates vary by time of year,the cost per cubic foot per month will increase for Oct-Dec.
  • Other fees can apply such as prep service fees or fees for processing customer returns in specific categories.