Something You Should Know About FBA Labeling Services

Creating Labeling Service Shipments

Whenever you convert a listing to Fulfillment by Amazon or replenish an existing FBA listing, if the item requires stickers, FBA runs a check to determine whether it qualifies for Label Service. If the item qualifies for Label Service, you may add the item to any of your Label Service shipments, or create a new Label Service shipment. If the item does not qualify for Label Service, Amazon will direct you to you add the item to other shipments of the same type.

Enabling and disabling FBA Label Service

To enable and disable your default setting for FBA Label Service, go to Shipping Queue and click “FBA Settings.” In “Optional FBA Services,” click the “edit” button and modify the setting to match your preferences.

Note: Changes to your preference only apply for shipments you create after you change your preference. If you are enabling your account for FBA Label Service, you are still expected to self-label any existing shipments in progress that require labeling. If you are disabling FBA Label Service, you will be charged labeling fees if FBA receives shipments in progress for which you requested FBA Label Service.

Identifying FBA Label Service Shipments

In your seller account, you can identify FBA Label Service shipments using any of the following methods:

  • Your FBA pallet or carton labels will say FBA-PREP in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Your shipment details will say “Item Labels: Required (Label Service)”. This is accessible from the View and Track button next to a shipment from the Shipping Queue. Shipments requiring self-labeling will say “Item Labels: Required (Self Label)”.
  • The Label Items step in the shipping workflow will display estimated label fees and refers to FBA Label Service.

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