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When was the last time you updated your product pages? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to breathe new life into them so that you can convert more visitors into customers.

Your FBA product pages are how you showcase your products and entice consumers to make a purchase. If your product pages are stale and not utilizing current best practices, you are hurting the user experience and your bottom line.
With so much at stake, it’s important that you get your product pages right. Here are our top tips to refresh your product pages and make your products appear irresistible to consumers:
Tip #1: Keep It Simple
Some online retailers go overboard with their product pages and end up making things too complicated for consumers. Studies repeatedly show that customers value simplicity in their shopping experiences, whether this is demonstrated through web page design or product page copy.
It’s important to mention that simple does not mean boring. Victoria’s Secret does an excellent job of keeping their product pages clean and in line with their brand.
The page is simple but has just enough color to make their call-to-action buttons stand out. The comprehensive size guide is particularly helpful, and they feature color options with high-resolution pictures for each color. Take a tip from this page as you create your own!
Tip #2: Know What Your Customers Want
As you refresh your product pages, it’s important that you always keep your customers in mind. What do your customers value as they shop for your products? What would improve their experience?
The first step to creating product pages that sell is understanding your customers. To do this, you need to leverage your marketing data to create customer segments. This allows you to create more effective product pages that appeal to each target customer group.
For instance, if your target audience includes millennials, you will want to make sure that your product pages are optimized for mobile because 63 percent of millennials claim to shop on their phones every day. If your target audience is mostly made up of women, you can tailor your product pages to appeal to this demographic and generate more sales. The Victoria’s Secret product page that we featured above does this by using pink call-to-action buttons and by using images of their target demographic using their products.
Tip #3: Use High-Quality Product Photos
Most eCommerce merchants know the importance of high-quality product photos. Stunning photography is what captures the consumer’s attention and spurs them into action.
This is why you can’t use mediocre photos in your product pages. You don’t need to have a pricey camera to get stunning product images, but you do need to know how to make your photographs look professional if you want to see your products fly off the shelves.
Tip #4: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Amazing Product Copy
Once you have nailed your product page photography, don’t forget your product copy. Some online retailers think that they can let their product photos do all the work, but the truth is that you need copy to bring the sale home.
Your products will most likely have features and benefits that can’t be gleaned from your product photo alone. Using concise copy, you can answer your customer’s unspoken questions.
For a great example, check out Best Made Company. Not only do they have amazing product images, but their “Discover More” button allows customers to get the story, specs, origin, and more info about the product, with each section being extremely persuasive and engaging.
Tip #5: Allow Customer Generated Reviews
Consumers crave social proof. A great way of providing them with social proof is by allowing customers to write reviews for your products and then displaying them on your product pages.
Although you may provide customers with important details in your product descriptions, they want to read reviews from others that confirm this information. Did the product perform as promised? Is it the same color as it appears in the product image? Product reviews can give your customers the reassurance they need to go forward with their purchase.
Tip #6: Use Video Where It Makes Sense
Using videos to showcase your products can be highly effective when used the right way. In fact, visitors are 73 percent more likely to purchase a product after watching an online video that explains the product or service!
Just like your product images, your videos need to be high-quality and answer your customer’s questions. Make sure that you place them near your call-to-action buttons and optimize them for SEO purposes to get the most out of your product videos. By following a few best practices, you can use videos to make your product pages stand out and increase conversions.