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Whether you are an cargo supplier,trading company or overseas buyers,the importance of selecting a competent and reliable freight forwarder becomes very clear when you realize the complexity of customs declaration out of Chinese ports and the unstable ocean rate carriers quote to forwarder based on their cooperation frequency.Besides,considering to reduce the local charge in origin will be also lead cooperation between sellers and buyers into a virtuous cycle.Licensed by Chinese Commerce Department,Forest Shipping will have a clear idea that each of your import and export shipments needs our dedicated service and one hundred percent of personal care in order to sure your cargo’s safety and speed up your efficiency for international business.

With strong service awareness,the staff in Forest Shipping value each client as VIP customer.Whether you trust us for one shipment or all the shipment,we will take all of them as unique one and will provide highest level of service.By doing so,We separate ourselves from other forwarder to be a service-oriented partner other than a mere logistics service provider.For that reason,each of Forest Shipping process full knowledge of custom regulation and keep close information to each carrier’s shipping schedules in order to inform shipper new change for the customs and introduce more suitable shipping schedule for our booking parties,thus speed up cargo to the final destination.

As a newly-found international forwarder,We have set up a professional team of staff with noble occupational conduct.You could fell assured the space we have offer to you is the best we could offer and the cost we offer will be the same on the bill,.You will never fell strange that the actual schedule is quite different with the former one we offered,and of course you will never discover more fingers than our quotation show in our bill.Unless the uncontrollable factors ,we will do as we promise to our clients.

It is our responsibility to save cost for various clients.If you signed contract with overseas buyers under Fob terms,you could save more by trust us to handle local matters like customs entry declaraion,trucking,fumigation or other relative assistance.If you are an direct overseas buyers,the rate we offer will be quite cheaper than those you get it from your local forwarders.Even you are foreign forwarders,we could build more tailored service for your clients.In fact,with the aim to save in different respects,we could win more support from local suppliers and overseas merchant

In order to assure better service to clients with various logistics requirements,ForestShipping now have set different operating departments with separate functions.Our sea freight dept always search more tailored schedule for clients and build good cooperation with carriers in different lines in order to bargain more good ocean freight for clients.The customs department is ready to guide you how to fill the entry form and deal hot potato with customs officers when necessary and assure the smooth clear for your shipments.Our oversea department will take advantage of knowledge about the customs regulation on foreign countries and then offer advices for shippers in order for them to prepare at origin while at same time reduce more risks.

Forest Shipping has won rapport support from different shipping lines or other carrier’s agents.We could offer you the reasonable ocean freight with space assured in Lines as North America,Middle East,South East Asia etc.The bonded warehouse we contracted by are fully equipped to handle any of your out inbound cargo.While the general warehouse we own by ourselves is ready for storage of your cargo.We have twenty four hours supervision to assure the cargo safety and the rent is lowest in the market.