Something You Need to Know About Amazon Lightning Deals Fees

Lightning Deals are flash income in which a merchandise is highlighted for several hours on the Amazon Discounts webpage, one of the most visited webpages on Amazon. Showcasing a merchandise as a Lightning Deal may aid boost product sales and it may possibly also be an powerful way to decrease your inventory. There is a price essential to run a Lighting Offer.

What is the payment and where can I see it?
You will be charged for every single Lightning Offer that has been submitted and has productively run. The fee is shown up coming to the Post button when you generate the deal. This price will vary relying on your marketplace and the 7 days you select to run your deal. Adjustments to the amount of variants, amount, and value do not affect the price. If relevant, you may be taxed based mostly on the tax guidelines of the respective marketplace.

What will not influence the charge: Modifications to the variety of variations, amount, and value.

What does influence the price: The place in which you operate the offer and the week you select to operate the deal.

Note: If relevant, you might be taxed based mostly on the tax principles of the respective nation.

Charge ranges
The charge for your Lightning Offer may possibly modify relying on the date on which your Deal operates. The months with greater costs are a time to time period for the duration of which buyer targeted traffic to Amazon is significantly greater, leading to greater publicity and potential revenue for your Offer.

If your Deal is scheduled for the duration of this larger visitors time interval, you will be charged a larger charge, which will be shown on the Lightning Offer webpage. If you are unhappy with the resulting price, you can terminate the Offer (with no penalty) up to twenty five hrs just before the Deal is anticipated to run.

When will I be charged?
You will be billed right after a deal runs on its scheduled date and time. When the charge is processed, it will present up as a Lightning Offer Fee transaction on your Vendor Central statement (Vendor Central > Stories > Payments > Transaction Check out > Lightning Deal Payment). The payment will be deducted from your account, related to FBA fees. You can view further details, such as which offer is connected with the fee, by clicking on the quantity in the Complete column.

Will I get a refund if my deal doesn’t execute well?
No, you will not get a refund if your deal does not complete effectively. You will not acquire a refund if you promote units or only a couple of models.

Will I be billed for a cancelled offer?
You will not be charged if:

You cancel the offer 25 hours prior to the scheduled commence time.
Amazon cancels the deal just before or while the deal runs.
You will be charged a fee if you cancel a offer even though it is working.


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