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If you are an Amazon seller who sources products from China, you may wonder how to send your bulky products to Amazon logistics center (FC) LAX9 in the United States. In this article, we will introduce what LAX9 is, where it is located, and what is the process of sending large products to LAX9 efficiently and cost-effectively. We will also provide some practical tips and precautions to help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure a smooth delivery process.


What is LAX9?


Amazon fulfillment center LAX9 is located at 11263 Oleander Ave, Fontana, CA 92337. It is a massive warehouse that covers an area of over 1 million square feet and employs more than 2,000 workers. LAX9 handles a variety of products, including books, electronics, toys, clothing, household items, and more. It is part of the Amazon network that consists of over 175 fulfillment centers worldwide.


LAX9 is strategically located near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is one of the major gateways for international trade in the US. It is also close to several major highways and railways that connect to other regions and states. This makes LAX9 an ideal destination for sellers who want to reach a large and diverse customer base in the US.


How to Ship from China to Amazon Fulfillment Center LAX9?


The delivery process from China to LAX9 involves several steps, such as choosing a shipping method, preparing your goods and documents, booking a delivery appointment, tracking your shipment status, clearing customs, and handling returns and refunds. Here is a brief overview of each step:


Choose a shipping method. Depending on your budget, time frame, and product characteristics, you can choose from different shipping methods, such as sea freight, air freight, or express courier. Sea freight is the most cost-effective option for large and heavy shipments, but it takes longer (usually 4-6 weeks) and requires more paperwork. Air freight is faster (usually 7-10 days) but more expensive and subject to weight and size limitations. Express courier is the fastest (usually 3-5 days) but also the most expensive option. It is suitable for small and urgent shipments.


Prepare your goods and documents. Before you ship your goods from China, you need to make sure they comply with Amazon’s packaging and labeling requirements. You also need to prepare the necessary documents for customs clearance, such as a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading or air waybill, certificate of origin, etc. You can use a freight forwarder or a customs broker to help you with these tasks.


Book a delivery appointment. Once your goods arrive in the US, you need to book a delivery appointment with Amazon through its online portal called Carrier Central. You need to provide information such as shipment ID, carrier name, tracking number, number of pallets or cartons, etc. You also need to choose a date and time slot for your delivery. Amazon will confirm your appointment within 24 hours.


Track your shipment status. You can track your shipment status through your freight forwarder or carrier’s website or app. You can also use Amazon’s online tool called Track Your Shipment6 to monitor the progress of your delivery. You will receive notifications when your shipment is received by Amazon and when it is checked in at LAX9.


Clear customs. Your shipment will go through customs inspection at the port of entry or at the airport. You need to pay the applicable duties and taxes based on the value and classification of your goods. You also need to provide any additional documents or information that customs may request. If your shipment is selected for random inspection or verification, it may cause delays or extra fees.


Handle returns and refunds. If your customers are not satisfied with your products or if they receive damaged or defective items, they may request returns or refunds through Amazon’s online platform called Return Center. You need to follow Amazon’s policies and procedures for processing returns and refunds. You can choose to have Amazon handle the returns for you (for a fee) or have them sent back to you (at your expense).



Tips and Precautions for Shipping from China to Amazon Fulfillment Center LAX9


Plan ahead and ship early. Shipping from China to LAX9 can take several weeks or even months, depending on the shipping method and the season. You should plan ahead and ship early to avoid peak periods, such as holidays, festivals, or special events, that may cause congestion, delays, or higher rates. You should also consider the lead time of your suppliers, the transit time of your carriers, and the processing time of Amazon.


Compare different shipping options and rates. Shipping from China to LAX9 can be expensive and complicated, so you should compare different shipping options and rates from various freight forwarders or carriers. You should consider factors such as speed, reliability, service quality, insurance, tracking, customer support, etc. You should also check for any hidden fees or charges that may increase your shipping costs.


Use a professional and reputable logistics partner. Shipping from China to LAX9 requires a lot of expertise and experience in international trade and logistics. You should use a professional and reputable logistics partner who can handle all aspects of your shipment, such as sourcing, packaging, labeling, documentation, customs clearance, delivery appointment, tracking, etc. You should also communicate with your logistics partner regularly and clearly to avoid any misunderstandings or errors.


Follow Amazon’s rules and regulations. Amazon has strict rules and regulations for sellers who use its fulfillment services. You should follow Amazon’s rules and regulations for packaging, labeling, delivery appointment, inventory management, product quality, customer service, etc. You should also keep yourself updated with any changes or updates that Amazon may make to its policies or procedures.


Be prepared for any challenges or risks. Shipping from China to LAX9 can be challenging and risky due to various factors such as weather, traffic, customs, security, etc. You should be prepared for any challenges or risks that may arise during your shipment, such as delays, damages, losses, thefts, fines, penalties, etc. You should also have contingency plans and backup solutions in case of any emergencies or problems.