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How to Ship from China to Amazon Fulfillment Center LAX9

Should you be an Amazon merchant procuring products from China, you might be curious about the process of delivering your merchandise to the Amazon fulfillment center LAX9, located in Fontana, California. This write-up aims to familiarize you with the LAX9 establishment, elucidate the transportation procedure from China to LAX9, and offer valuable advice and cautionary measures to assist in streamlining your supply chain management while preventing unwarranted expenditures and postponements.

What is Amazon Fulfillment Center LAX9?

Amazon fulfillment center LAX9 is one of the many warehouses that Amazon operates in the US to store and distribute products for its FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program. FBA allows sellers to leverage Amazon's network and services to handle the storage, packing, shipping, and customer service of their products.

LAX9 is located at 11263 Oleander Ave, Fontana, CA 92337. It covers an area of about 1 million square feet and employs over 1,000 workers. It mainly handles large standard-size items, such as household goods, sports equipment, toys, etc.

As an Amazon seller, you can ship your products directly from China to LAX9 without using any intermediate warehouses or third-party logistics providers. This can save you time and money by reducing the number of stops and handovers in your supply chain.

How to Ship from China to Amazon Fulfillment Center LAX9?

The shipping process from China to LAX9 involves several steps, such as choosing a shipping method, preparing your goods and documents, booking a delivery appointment, tracking your shipment status, clearing customs, and handling returns and refunds. Here is a brief overview of each step:

Choose a Shipping Method

There are two main shipping methods you can use to ship from China to LAX9: ocean freight and air freight. Ocean freight is cheaper but slower than air freight. The choice depends on your budget, lead time, product weight and volume, and other factors.

Generally speaking, if your shipment weighs more than 200 kg or occupies more than 1 cbm (cubic meter), ocean freight is more cost-effective. If your shipment weighs less than 200 kg or occupies less than 1 cbm, air freight is faster and more convenient.

You can also choose between FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Than Container Load) for ocean freight. FCL means you rent a whole container for your shipment, while LCL means you share a container with other shippers. FCL is suitable for large shipments that can fill up a container (usually 18 cbm or more), while LCL is suitable for small shipments that cannot fill up a container (usually less than 18 cbm).

Prepare Your Goods and Documents

Before you ship your goods from China to LAX9, you need to make sure they are properly packaged and labeled according to Amazon’s requirements. You also need to prepare the necessary documents for customs clearance and delivery confirmation.

Some of the documents you may need include:

You can generate some of these documents in Seller Central or through your freight forwarder. You need to print them out and attach them to your packages or provide them to your carrier or customs broker.

Book a Delivery Appointment

Before you ship your goods from China to LAX9, you need to create a shipping plan in Seller Central. A shipping plan tells Amazon what products you are sending, how many units you are sending, how they are packaged, etc.

After you create a shipping plan, you need to book a delivery appointment with Amazon through its online scheduling system called Carrier Central. You need to provide information such as your carrier name, tracking number, estimated arrival date, number of pallets or boxes, etc.

You need to book a delivery appointment at least 24 hours before your shipment arrives at LAX9. If you miss the appointment or arrive late, Amazon may refuse to accept your shipment or charge you a penalty fee.

Track Your Shipment Status

After you ship your goods from China to LAX9, you need to track your shipment status regularly to make sure it arrives on time and without any issues. You can use the tracking number provided by your carrier or freight forwarder to check the location and status of your shipment online.

You can also use Amazon’s shipment tracking feature in Seller Central to monitor the progress of your shipment. It shows you when your shipment is received, checked-in, processed, and available for sale at LAX9.

If you encounter any problems or delays during the shipping process, you need to contact your carrier or freight forwarder as soon as possible to resolve them. You also need to update Amazon with any changes or issues that may affect your delivery appointment or shipment status.

Clear Customs

Before your goods can enter the US and be delivered to LAX9, they need to clear customs. Customs clearance is the process of verifying the legality and compliance of your goods with the US laws and regulations.

Customs clearance involves paying duties, taxes, and fees, submitting documents, undergoing inspections, and obtaining permits or licenses if needed. The amount of duties, taxes, and fees depends on the value, classification, origin, and quantity of your goods. The documents you need to submit include the commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certificate of origin, etc.

You can handle customs clearance yourself or hire a customs broker to do it for you. A customs broker is a licensed professional who can act as your agent and represent you in dealing with customs authorities. A customs broker can help you classify your goods, calculate and pay duties, taxes, and fees, prepare and submit documents, arrange inspections, obtain permits or licenses, etc.

If you use a freight forwarder to ship your goods from China to LAX9, they may also offer customs brokerage services or work with a partner customs broker. You can ask them for their rates and terms before you decide whether to use their services or not.

Handle Returns and Refunds

After your goods are delivered to LAX9 and available for sale on Amazon, you may still face some issues with returns and refunds. Returns and refunds are part of the FBA program and Amazon handles them for you according to its policies and procedures.

However, you still need to monitor your returns and refunds reports in Seller Central and take action if needed. For example, you may need to:

Tips and Precautions for Shipping from China to Amazon Fulfillment Center LAX9

To help you optimize your logistics and avoid unnecessary costs and delays when shipping from China to LAX9, here are some tips and precautions you should follow:


Shipping from China to Amazon fulfillment center LAX9 is not a complicated process if you follow the steps outlined in this article. By choosing a suitable shipping method, preparing your goods and documents properly, booking a delivery appointment with Amazon, tracking your shipment status closely, clearing customs smoothly, and handling returns and refunds effectively, you can save time and money while ensuring the quality and safety of your products.