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Frequently Asked Questions for FBA shipment

What is the FCA Incoterm

FCA (Free Carrier) is an incoterm) that requires the seller to clear the goods for export, and to either: deliver the goods to the buyer at the seller's premises, or deliver the goods to the buyer at another named place. When using the FCA incoterm, the point at which the seller is delivering the goods to the buyer must be named: e.g. “FCA, Name of Origin CFS .”

In summary, the seller must deliver the goods cleared for export to the carrier's location specified by the buyer in the sales contract.

The FCA Incoterm is versatile and can be used regardless of the mode of transport.

Seller's obligations under the FCA Incoterm

  • Delivery of goods and documents required

  • Packaging and wrapping

  • Inland transportation in the country of origin

  • Customs at origin

  • Exit charge

Buyer’s obligation under the FCA Incoterm

  • Cost of the goods

  • International freight

  • Arrival expenditures

  • Customs upon arrival

  • Inland transportation in the destination country

  • Payment of fees