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In the face of an increasingly fierce competition pattern, Amazon's policy changes again as promised, set off the industry storm clouds. Following the FBA Inbound Placement Service Fee that came into effect not long ago, recently, the new Amazon coupon rule has also officially landed.

amazon new coupon rule 2024

March 12, U.S. time, a large number of sellers reported that the Amazon coupon page appeared to report an error, showing "no reference price".

It is understood that a large number of the situation is related to the new rules of Amazon coupons released earlier this month: since March 12, 2024, Amazon US sellers need to comply with the new pricing requirements to report coupons, otherwise, they will not be eligible to report coupons.

According to the new coupon rules, ASINs need to meet the following conditions before they can report coupons:


1. Discount conditions

The coupon must provide a discount percentage between the minimum discount (5%) and the maximum discount (50%):
The coupon price is lower than the Was price (Amazon based on the last 90 days to capture the middle price of customer transactions) at least 5%;

The coupon price must be 5%-50% of the current price.

2, price conditions

(1) The product needs to have a historical selling price to be eligible to mention coupons. That is, new products can not mention coupons, there must be a certain historical sales record to set up coupons, similar to the members of the exclusive discount.
(2) The coupon price should be lower than its "historical selling price" or the recent (within the last 30 days) lowest price, that is, the coupon price must be lower than the Was price, and coupon strength can only be done more and more, can not be first pulled up the discounts to attract traffic and then gradually reduced.

Comprehensive the above conditions can be learned, recently a large number of sellers of Amazon coupon pages will appear to report errors, mainly due to the ASIN not having a certain sales history or ASIN not meeting the requirements of the price of goods.

A large number of sellers have seen their sales plummet as the new Amazon coupon rules take effect!

It's worth noting that in the past, in order to stimulate the consumer's desire to spend money, many sellers have taken the use of large coupons with advertising to promote the way, in pulling up the product sales quite effectively. However, with Amazon's new coupon rules in effect, this promotional strategy seems to have lost its original effectiveness.

As of press time, there have been a number of sellers affected by this new regulation, the coupon page appeared to report an error, and the product single volume declined:
"The coupon is not displayed, no wonder there has been no order."
"Has begun to report errors, the recent sales volume is greatly reduced, in consideration of whether it is a price reduction."

Therefore, after the new regulations came into effect yesterday, it quickly attracted widespread attention and heated debate in the industry.

A large number of sellers' sales plummeted as the new Amazon coupon rules took effect!

Everything has a cause, and Amazon's policy adjustment is no exception.

AMZ123 learned that, according to the previous relevant announcement, Amazon said it launched new rules for coupons, aiming to constrain coupons with new pricing requirements, improve the coupon experience to build customer trust, and then provide a better sales experience for sellers.

In this regard, some sellers also said that Amazon set the threshold through the coupon to limit the price manipulation space, to prevent sellers from attracting traffic at low prices and then raising the price of profit (especially the new product promotion stage), the market price stabilization, for some small and medium-sized sellers is indeed a good thing.

But more sellers believe that the operation can be seen from the restriction of price space, the new rule is Amazon in order to force sellers to reduce prices, to benchmark Temu and other fast-growing low-priced platforms to test the waters of the low-priced market and launch:
"Promotional practices white hat can no longer be white, can only rely on low prices, against the standard Poundland guys?, Amazon confused ah."
"This wave of operation is to deal with Temu's low price volume, right? New entry sellers can only keep a low price influx, and then the whole category is reduced. "

A large number of sellers have seen their sales plummet as the new Amazon coupon rules take effect!

This type of speculation has been in the circle for a long time. Similarly, data shows that as of December 2023, Temu's number of unique visitors reached 467 million, the same as the speed seller, second only to Amazon (2.659 billion).

A few days ago, industry news also said that Temu plans to go online in the middle of this month, in half-hosted mode, from this movement can be seen, that it has the ambition to become a full-category platform. The face of Temu has such fierce momentum, that even Amazon can not be underestimated.

In addition, many sellers pointed out that the new rules in a way that was also to be implemented early this month came into effect of the Amazon storage configuration fee: to avoid sellers due to the increase in the cost of storage configuration fee and price increases.

Our survey data shows that, in addition to some sellers who are still focusing on finding ways to reduce or eliminate the configuration fee, 68% of sellers have included price increases in the consideration of operational adjustments.

From this point of view, this new rule of Amazon for the push of new sellers has the greatest impact, meaning that the new promotion period lost the coupon as a traffic entrance, and can only spend more energy on advertising, that is, the advertising cost is further increased; and for the old product, the pricing strategy will also be the same as a result of this new regulation has changed.

A senior seller said, in the coupon after the entry into force of the new rules, Amazon sellers in the setting of pricing and discounts need to take into account more factors: such as not setting up too large concessions, to avoid setting the post-coupon price in the station leads to low profits or even unprofitable; products can not be sold at too low a price, we must weigh the maximum discount to consider the maximum discount of 50%, assuming that the setting of the maximum discount, the selling price of the sale price whether it will bring about a loss.

With the continuous adjustment of the platform policy, Amazon sellers once enshrined as a guideline for the operation of the experience and the platform's adaptability seems to be gradually weakening.

It is foreseeable that the wave of industry change will also rise again in the future, and for sellers, the best way to cope with it is to keep adapting and building core competitiveness to ensure that they can have more chips to stay on the card table.