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Frequently Asked Questions for FBA shipment

What is ISF?

ISF(Importer Security Filing), or can be called 10+2, is a regulation that requires containerized goods information to be transmitted to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection not less than 24 hours in advance before loading. The Importer security filing usually informs CBP of the container detail as well as arrival plan.


10+2 can optimize goods targeting by means of requiring additional data elements before loading. For the low risk shipment, there are fewer inspections than high risk shipment.


What is ISF?


What is the purpose?

In most cases, it is for the security. The CBP will have an advance warning from ISF while high risk transportations are on the way and the purpose is to secure the U.S. borders’ safety. It may not apply to trading or trade enforcement intentions.


When is required?

ISF is required when the imports are related to ocean transportation. The ISF doesn’t apply to goods imports by other kinds of transportation.



10+2 Data Elements related to ISF

The following ten data elements are needed from the importer:

  1. Buyer(or owner) name and address

  2. Seller(or owner) name and address

  3. Consignee number(s)

  4. Country of origin

  5. Manufacturer(or supplier)name and address

  6. Ship-to name and address

  7. Container stuffing location

  8. Consolidator(stuffer) name and address

  9. Importer of record number/foreign trade zone applicant identification number

  10. Commodity Harmonized Tariff Schedule number to 6 digits

From the carrier, 2 data elements are needed:

  1. Vessel stow plan

  2. Container status messages

(source: wikipedia)



The essential facts of ISF

The individuals who want to import cargos are supposed to work in a well-organized and competent way while getting imports approved. There are some essential facts related to ISF filings.


  1. ISF filings should be submitted electronically.

  2. Alteration can be made only by the party transmitting the filing.

  3. The adjustment may not be made after cargos are docked.